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The producers aren't editing to make people look bad. The Sydney-sider, who tells us he was engaged for two years, says he's actually only been single for half a year. My goal was not to get him off.

You would think the men are contractually obligated to appear on the show, but evidently Wes seems to be a special case. Sure enough, they mentioned her name the very next day.

He has officially taken the crown of the biggest jerk title from Jason Mesnick. And this Bachelorette could be the one to change his pattern! See whom each Bachelorette and their final bachelor ultimately ended up married or engaged to! Laurel said she was surprised to hear her name in The Bachelorette broadcast but added since she and Wes are still friends, ice core dating methods accuracy she understands how there might have been some confusion.

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After seeing how the show works and how much love the producers have in their work, I would consider. Jake claims they are both in cahoots with duping Jillian Harris.

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What do you need to tell her? Not only that, Jake goes on to say Wes and Laurel are still together! He blames bad editing for the way came off on the show.

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He wasn't even available to be on the show. Laurel said she dated Brad for four years, and while it was reported the two reconnected following his The Bachelor stint, she told People she hears he is currently single. It hurt because I went on there to really fall in love. Bachelor in Paradise has a new fan-favorite couple after Tuesday's episode, and in a twist, one of the people isn't an official cast member. Does she really believe Tanner P and Jake made up the whole girlfriend story?

My goal was to inform her and be there for her. The year-old has one deal-breaker that he's not keen to keep up with, no matter the girl. He's real quick on his feet. Now I sleep easy at night. The girl loves country music and the man makes it so I can see how intriguing that would be.

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Jake spoke to People today, and says he stands by his story of Wes dating Laurel during filming. Jake also spoke out on the issue and even said Wes and Laurel are still dating. What are you going to do then? Ultimately, you are all still entitled to your opinion, but I am a huge supporter of forgiveness and I hope you can give Wes a break and lay this one to rest. After a bit of time passed, we rekindled and became friends again.

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It made me look like a fool and like I had bad judge of character, and it made him look like someone he is not. Despite Hayden's alleged dishonesty with him, Pavelka said he hopes that they can eventually put the past where it belongs. He shouldn't of even been on there.

We had multiple conversations. And I never worried about him cheating on me. Jillian is not the girl for me.

Wes claims to be a victim of deceptive, and false editing. He's just going to go ahead and go. Maybe he said he still cares about me or whatever. No one is going so support a jerk.