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Told ex i am dating, tell my ex I'm seeing someone new? - GirlsAskGuys

He initiated the break-up so technically he was ready to move on but it isn't to say that he doesn't still have mixed feelings. And the fact that he kept bugging me about who it was makes me feel like maybe he still cares about me? As for your ex being able to handle that you've moved on is not your worry. With that being said, I share my advice with the knowledge that you and your ex are better off as exs than in a relationship. As always I really value your friendship and thought it might be right for you to know ahead of time.

You're not the Feelings Police, and you don't have any obligations to him anymore. As long as he's in love with you, he will suffer and annoy you.

Maybe that's something to bring up with a mutual friend who is in contact with him more often. Concentrate on your now relationship.

Further, does he even want to know? Or, if you put it on your Facebook that you're going to a certain place, he might decide to go there too to see you. About an hour passed and I felt like a complete idiot and didn't want him to think I was asking him if he was seeing someone because I still wanted to be with him, I was just curious.

Holidays can be a pretty lonely time, especially for people who are still mourning the loss of a relationship, so it could make him feel vulnerable enough to reach out to you. If your new boy will dump you once and for good I would be happy because you would feel how your ex felt and all this because he wanted you and nobody else. Ex and I have been low-to-no-contact since breakup, to give us space to heal, but we have exchanged the odd text or email to see how the other is doing or for practical things.

Tell my ex I'm seeing someone new? - GirlsAskGuys

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If you guys were still talking quite a bit, and communicating regularly, it would make more sense to mention it. Which led me to believe he cheated on me and already had someone lined up to be with right after me, which devastated me. It will be nice to see you!

For whatever reason, we all like to know if our exes have moved on for good or not. Have a good talk with him but no need to get into details.

He kept trying to ask me who it was, when he dumped me and started seeing someone he wouldn't tell me who it was so I told him i wasn't telling him for the same reasons he didn't tell me. Your ex should expect you to be out there dating, no need to go out of your way to rub salt in the wound by declaring it. It's perfectly okay for him to find out you're dating, and it's perfectly okay for you to find out that he's been dating. It was a terrible break up, he was really rude to me and said a lot of rude things when he dumped me, i think he cheated on me and the day after he dumped me he was already dating someone else. And that's assuming you want to stay real friends with your ex, dating mesa rectifier not just amicable acquaintances.

Just stop the conversation with I've moved on from you. If you know that you're both going to the same party, that's one thing. If he finds out, and he's sad about it, then he needs to grow up. Our breakup was our mutual decision, and one which he instigated but which I felt was right. Don't engage him in any sort of conversation where he tries to explain why you two should be together.

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However, in your situation, I think it is best to tell him when he brings it up. Given these parameters of contact, I wouldn't worry about it. If he's still talking to your family, he's probably hoping it will win you over. If he were over you, he honestly wouldn't care what you were up to.

Ex and I both frequent some of the same territories in my city. In my experience, breakups rarely happen that way. Presumably when you parted, it was expected that you'd each date new people. Live your life and dedicate it to the new relationship you're building.

So better to tell him sooner rather than later. Nobody can avoid the truth. Your romantic life is none of his business in the same way his is none of yours. It's none of his business.

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The longer you wait to tell him, the greater the chance he will find out from someone else. Chat about the weather, politely keep moving.

He needs to move on at some point and clearly you have already. You have to do as much as you can to make him understand that it's over. He was begging me to tell him but I said no. If just to make sure the other person is miserable.

You don't need to tell him. He is going to have to process through that on his own. Think of how folks might go about advising someone that came asking that question? But the main difference here is we were, and continue to be, frequently in contact and are very close friends. No doubt it'd get a lot of negative responses.

He doesn't rule your life. He'll ask you lots of questions to keep the conversation going, he'll try to touch you, he'll laugh at your jokes and he'll generally seem pretty happy. Who cares if what you have with this new guy develops further.

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He probably doesn't want to, either. The best thing you can do is let him get the anger out. Even with pure motives as yours seem to be, unless it's a Big Deal Relationship, telling your ex will only appear mean-spirited.

You have to truly have moved on if any other relationship you want to have with someone is going to work. Do you think your ex still needs that space to heal? For over a year, I dealt with a lot of confusing emotions and it was really difficult.

Of course, this isn't always true, but it is a lot of the time. This will help him move on and you move on from this situation. Now with all that being said, I have to truly wonder if you have moved on from him or if this new guy is just a place holder. If he was over you, he would just say hi, how are you and go on his way.

Somehow to me this feels like you're still not quite over your ex, in a way. Also, if you tell him, then it's a silent and very real indicator that you have moved on. Plus, rebounds usually end pretty quickly. Or even if you are, I feel that it could give him that impression on some level. If so, I'd grant you both!