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Donnie points out that Pulverizer is going to put himself in danger no matter what Donnie does so Donnie feels he needs to teach him enough fighting skills so that he won't get hurt. Although, this doesn't really matter, as most of the time, Pulverizer will not be dealing many damage points to enemies. Donnie tries to teach him some ninjutsu, but he proves to be uncoordinated. Amazing Combo - A powerful attack agaisnt a single foe.

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He has some pretty good lines of banter but it seems that the banter is all he's got going for him. Naturally, he chooses the latter, letting the Kraang escape with the power cell. Raphael avoids the legs and pins him down, but Fishface delivers a venomous bite. Raph asks Donnie if he left the parking brake on, which he denies, but it turns out he actually did. The turtles fight the Kraang outside, but the Pulverizer stays inside just as the power cell is stolen.

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The Pulverizer suggests that they find a different route, but Donnie forces him to jump the block and crash through the wall. While Donnie works on the Shellraiser, the Pulverizer decides to practice with his Bo. All five of them get into the Shellraiser, but are soon detected by the Kraang.

At first, they don't seem to mind him that much, but then he starts messing around in their lair, which annoys them, mainly Donnie. He wears a costume, complete with foam rubber muscles. Raph, Mikey and Donnie try their best to fend them off, but they crash into a wall soon after. Because the power cell was stolen, the Turtles must manually push the Shell Raiser back into the sewers. Splinter not happy that there's a strange human in the lair and even less thrilled to hear Donnie is training him.

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Not long after, he decides to train him, but he fails for the most part. The Pulverizer takes this well and promises to keep training on his own.

Splinter allows Donnie to train him as long he takes full responsibility for him. He tries to get it back and defeat the Kraang with a leg-lock move Donnie taught him earlier, but he fails miserably. Leo fights a losing battle against Fishface while Mikey calls Donnie. Despite these major stat flaws, Pulverizer is surprisingly very high in Health and Physical Defense, making him more of a survivor than fighter.

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Donnie gets annoyed with him, but he decides to show him how to properly use it. However, Donnie tells Pulverizer that he can't continue training him. He is a naive and dim-witted.

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Donnie manages to get away from the fight, joanna shimkus dating service but he's torn between getting the power cell back or saving the Pulverizer. The Pulverizer is a wanna-be superhero. Donnie asks the Pulverizer to drive the Shellraiser while he mixes up the antidote.