Self assessment test

The Diagonal Thinking Self-assessment is an online tool, designed to aid recruitment into the advertising and communication industries. You might think that everyone who works in advertising actually creates the words and pictures that self assessment test used in TV, radio, press, posters and all the other communication media.

In fact, whilst these roles are specific to art directors and copywriters who work in the creative department, they only account for a small percentage of agency staff. People who work in the industry want to do work that is creative, but want it to have a practical impact too. Those who are successful all share the special skill we call Diagonal Thinking. Oscillating effortlessly between logical or rational thinking, and creative or lateral thinking, they are able to analyse a company’s business and then make creative leaps based on their findings. DO YOU THINK YOU MIGHT HAVE THIS ABILITY? You can take this free test and find out if you are a Diagonal Thinker. If you are, you could be suited to the advertising and communications business.

The self-assessment is designed to take a minimum of forty minutes but with registration and practice questions it takes at least an hour and a quarter in total to finish if you complete the whole self assessment in one sitting. If you like to receive infomation about changes to the questions, type in your email. Want to take your company’s UN Global Compact temperature? Use the Global Compact Self Assessment Tool to test your company’s performance on all ten UN Global Compact principles and how well these issues are managed. Indicators to track and demonstrate progress. Based on international standards and best practices.

Designed for use by all company sizes and sectors in all countries. Please forward this error screen to nursi548. The Leadership Legacy Assessment Test: Identifying Your Instinctive Leadership Style You might be your company’s biggest rainmaker. You might be a brilliant strategist. But if you jumped ship or disappeared today, what would you leave behind? What would the people you’ve worked with do differently because they worked with you?