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Socio-economic background has a role in every relationship, couple that with cultural and possibly religious difference and you will face challenges. At Least I bet you read it first. Yeah, I thought the same thing with my myspace woman. Contemplating a cross-cultural and potentially interfaith marriage is a big undertaking and really must be thought out.

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Prefered to stay home and cook meals and we rarely ate a meal out it was basically no fun at all and I felt like I was going to die! Geographic location in Morocco A few weeks ago we took a trip to a village in the middle of the Atlas Mountains. Finding a good balance between the two is perfect. Why are these traditional roles a good thing? Yeah, you sure know North Africa, alright.

Yes, Lisa, scammers lingo! You may see that as a betrayal of your marriage and it takes time to grasp how family dynamics here work but know the infinite strength of the Moroccan family unit will extend to your new family. Some are good, some are bad.

You need to pay attention and if things are out of control then step back and reassess the situation. But, if you think I am being negative let me offer you the other side as well. This can be a major strain on a relationship. Consider all angles before diving in. He said they all want a virgin wife from morocco.

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Do you not realize that some Moroccans feel about Americans the same way you and others feel about them? You just said Moroccans are Berbers Again you will say whatever to discredit me and others.

So there you go again assuming! If it were, you would not need to be gallivanting all over the internet talking about it. What is he going to read but my e-mails to him and vice versa? This can not be minimized and must be considered. If they have zero opportunity in Morocco than they will be looking to leave the country.

If your partner has been able to travel outside of the country they will likely have a much different worldview than somehow that has not. Also, I am not one of the moderators.

Immigration is a crash course. Both of those would have been troublesome, and my advice would have been the same. Traditional Gender Roles Traditional gender roles are alive and well in Morocco, even if they are slowly being broken down by new generations. SylviaS and sachinky reacted to this Share this post. He said they will tell you anything and they practice learning what works to make women fall in love with them.

You do not bother me one bit cause My relationship will be fine despite what you say or post here. Moroccan men take pride in providing for their families.

There is a completely different subset of cultural rules and obligations. What may seem loving and endearing can quickly become controlling. If it is someone you know and trust, I do not see the big deal. Male friends can only get you in trouble.

There is no doubt a Moroccan man will be loyal and dedicated to the family he was born in. That being said, there are plenty of genuine, amazing, hook up englisch and wonderful Moroccan men that are exceptional husbands and fathers. Even well-educated Moroccans can struggle to find work in their country. Let me guessmore on-line dating.

So you Wanna Marry a Moroccan Man?

If someone truly loves you for who you are than he should be ready to accept who you are. Other Posts on Relationships. Having a partner who is grounded in their faith can be a huge positive on a relationship.

If they have received higher education than they too will have a different outlook and a wider set of opportunities. Before I knew it, she was taking our car and credit card and having sex with other men. Economic and educational status of your spouse will have some bearing on your relationship. Stop twisting my words, or maybe you are just copying Virginia.

Oh, yeah, you're the expert. Sounds to me like you are the one assuming, and that sounds exactly like something a controlling boyfriend would say. If you are seeking a partner, be yourself. The only thing I am trying to give is advice, but have at it. Hhmmmm how would you know this Luigi unless you are one of the board moderators?

Another thing some Moroccan's do not get along with Berbers so don't tell me all of Morocco is Berber! Maybe ask some of those Moroccan friends you claim to have and family you invented! But that is our Good Ole Luigi! He said no Moroccan man wants an olfpder wife unless she is rich so he can get her money and if she is older iphe will wait to get her wealth.

While your partner may have a degree that would lead to a well paying job abroad expect they will have to start over when they immigrate. Many international degrees are only partially transferable or not at all. Moroccans do not get along with Berbers?

In many marriages people have told me their spouse becomes more religious as time goes on. Because if you would actually read the stipulations before posting, you know would know that.

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