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Mara even appreciated the fact that Big was always there for her during her high and low times. For the occasion, Mara even shared a couple of Instagram posts expressing her most profound love towards her boyfriend and mentioned that she was ready to spend the rest of her life with Big. Meanwhile, yami gautam dating he is happy and dating the love of his life.

It could be a title or just the understanding of what I physically heard for the song that they can create or already have something in that manner. The production they do is different, and the sounds they use and what they all sought from me was the kind of music I make.

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It's just different, because they work differently. It's a blessing to be able to work with so many talented people. It's where all my ideas come from.

Cadillactica is a planet that I created, which in reality is my conscious mind.

But even then, I can influence the record to semi-sound like something I would have made by myself. Just the whole storyline of being able to take you in reverse of where the Cadillac comes from. Olympus is the place where all the gods kick it.

Justin, my King, may you have a blessed birthday and further activate your spirit to continue to water those in need of encouragement and inspiration with your art. It's creating this planet called Cadillactica where the soul and the funk comes from and being able to transcend my music with that idea. Seems like he shares a close bond with his family members!

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This Love is like nothing I've ever experienced and for that I'm grateful. Moreover, the Mississippi native, Big K.

Week were just for the people. At this point of my career, I want to create and write in a manner where I can always take it to the next level.

If I only produce three of them, then those three were the strongest and we went with them. This album is a lot about that too. Though Big is yet to share the glimpse of his family, he keeps mentioning about his time that he spent with them. It's several records I produced too so for all the people that want me to produce for myself I did, but none of those songs were for Cadillactica or right now are on Cadillactica. It wouldn't have helped me to drop it then.

Big Krit Mixtapes

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It all comes from Cadillactica. Live From The Underground, I had the opportunity to produce the whole album, so that was a milestone in itself. Even in the studio with Organized Noize, I've seen so much just by seeing how they interact. It doesn't matter where you're from and it doesn't matter who you are, you can relate to these hooks.

The mixtape features primary production handled by K. Now I'm getting the opportunity to be in the studio with some dope producers. My track is where we all kick it. For me it's about really making the best music possible and not just for the sake of producing.

Cadillactica is a free-floating album in a way where I felt like I was able to talk about whatever I wanted because I created a planet to do so. It's where all my creative thoughts come from. Big's girlfriend also posted a picture of the couple marking the occasion of their anniversary.

And I want to stay far away from that man, and just get to be an artist and vibe. And I think it starts with the base of Cadillactica, you know, the planet of all this. The beautiful thing is that I'm able to work with the type of musicians that I'm still able to give them my ideas. And how they make music and how they create.

It was dope to get in with Rico because he has a gift for writing hooks that are relatable for everybody. For me, it was about getting out of my comfort zone. So, do you want to know more about Big's relationship with his lady love?

New Big Krit Mixtapes

So that's exciting that people are supporting it like that. All these things to me are extremely important to really draw you in, to creatively try to do something totally different with this album.

So it's exciting, that I finally get to sit back and be a rapper. So we just instantly vibe with what we come up with. Ten years of feeling like they don't give a fuck. Diving deeper into what else can I do, how far can I take this record.