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But before the season finale ends, Layla asks Sora to be her dream, to become a true Kaleido Star. Fool reveals that she and Sora are now capable of performing The Legendary Great Maneuver, the performance that may be the key to saving Kaleido Stage. Sora and the others find her and she returns to Broadway to take the lead in the Phoenix performance while Sora does the same at Kaleido Stage's version, Legend of Phoenix. When Yuri announces their attempt of the legendary maneuver without consulting the two, Layla makes a bet that if they can perform the maneuver, Yuri returns Kaleido Stage to Kalos. Meanwhile, korean-caucasian dating Yuri invites Layla back to Kaleido Stage telling her he wants to be partners again.

But Sora still accepts the role and Layla sees the determination within Sora to star alongside her. When they are performing at Marine Park, a mysterious figure arrives calling herself the Masked Star, which Sora automatically assumes that she is really Layla. Feeling Sora may have what it takes to be her partner, she asks Kalos to hold an audition to see if she is good enough to star with her.

The absence of her co-star, having retired to further a career in Broadway productions, prompts a slight decline of the Kaleido Stage. After the show, Layla tells Sora that seems to be missing that flame that she had when they were partners.

While on stage with Sora and May, Layla is nervously trying to chop vegetables with her eyes locked on it. The atmosphere and attitude this creates does not bode kindly to Sora's carefree, optimistic, ultra-idealistic outlook. Layla states that even though this is her first time cooking by herself, Layla is willing to take the chance. Sora spends the beginning of the season as an outcast, as the other performers believe that she had relations with the director to gain her position. But while she tries to find a new self, she spends her entire time alone thinking about Sora until she comes to realize just how much Sora has been a muse to her.

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Her father tells her to at least finish the filming and lets her have her freedom after that. It seems at first that Leon is reminded very much of someone due to Sora's presence, and at times this causes him to either be really rude or really sweet to Sora. She is revealed to everyone, along with her father, who was one of the judges, and runs off. She later finds Sora replacing one of the performers in Romeo and Juliet and is upset with her poor performance.

She later comes to see Sora perform in the next production and is surprised by how Sora has made the story more happy and less of a tragedy. Layla automatically rejects the idea and tells him that they should re-write it to make Yuri her partner, without knowing that Mr.

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She mentions their attempt at the maneuver and causes Yuri to disagree and try to be her partner for it calling Sora an beginner in the progress. Throughout most of the first half, Layla is the same cruel person that tries to make Sora see she doesn't belong here. When she returns, she is just in time for production of Arabian Nights.

During her performance with Sora, she and Sora are an amazing wonder. But Layla rejects saying that she already has a partner and it's Sora. While Ken is all right with letting Sora try out, Layla immediately rejects her telling her to go home. When May offers a taste of her spicy dish, Sora can't handle the spice and is comically seen flying around with a burning mouth.

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And this time, she believes that with Sora being her partner, it can be done. But Sora manages to convince Yuri to be her partner for the festival in which Layla is the host.

While waiting out the storm, Layla reveals a bit of her past to Sora, much to both of their surprise. They went to see Alice in Wonderland, the same show that her future successor Sora Naegino goes to see. She is confronted by her father saying that she should be in London for the film shooting.

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She doesn't see Sora again until the set up for May and Leon's comeback show begins. Edit Layla, unable to find her true inner phoenix, decides to leave Broadway for a short while to go on a bike adventure across the states.

When the performance begins, they make it all the way to the end. During the end credits, we are shown two different Phoenixes. During training, Layla injures her shoulder and attempts to hide it the reason is Layla was dazed from trying to lose weight. Even after Kalos tells her the details behind Sora's nomination as her partner, Layla tries to encourage Sora to deny the role because of her skill level.

The two old friends duel and Sora comes out the victor after Layla sees how much farther Sora is in skill over her. While she is preparing for their final show, Layla says that she never has had a partner Sora that's motivated her this much in all her life. Layla is particularly cold towards her, and sees her alternately as either an annoyance or a threat. Kenneth was the one that strongly suggested Sora and would double their budget if she got the part.

Layla is preparing at the Broadway but is dissatisfied with her performance. The training for the show is difficult at first with both girls unable to sync with each other for a battle scene on a tightrope. During one performance of Cinderella, on her birthday, Sora and friends plan a surprise party after the show.

In a desperate attempt to be reborn, Layla runs off on a solo bicycle trip to upstate New York in hopes of rediscovering herself. Layla tells Sora that she's left her father behind now and she can now see Fool. Before Sora's Arrival Edit Layla is the only known daughter of the Hamilton family, a incredibly wealthy family.