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This essay is not to confirm that they are together. Members of both groups obviously know something with all the hints they are showing and I think they really find it natural for them putting distance between the two. As for me, I totally believe that they are together and I am happily waiting for them to announce their marriage. As a matter of fact, she uploaded her picture with Gaho to prove herself. And guess what, they are kissing!

And I think that made Ji associated with a lot of Japanese friends. He persuaded the girl to at least go out and see the snowman but again, she declined. In Korea only few people has a name with three syllables, outside their family name. The more they communicate casually the more people will be convinced that they are just friends.

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In Hangul Korean form of writing letters or words are written in syllabic way. This is just my observation. Fortunately eagle-eyed netizens had captured its screencaps.

Look how openly they are about dating now that the ban is lifted and the increasingly obvious hints they are showing. Dating Kiko rumors and no promises? All of these scenes were caught by the camera. Guess who took their picture?

So does their idea of night date as their dream date. As a fan, I was really angered by those rumors. That girl mysteriously goes M. These bracelets are used as a symbol of commitment between couples.

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It has the same meaning with oppa, right? One winter, he asked the girl to see him and make snowman but the girl declined, still he waited and made the snowman himself. Interconnected stuff they like. What surprising is, if we google about these bracelets, we can find their names as one of the couple who wear the bracelets among other celebrity couples around the world.

Knowing how Dara is dedicated to work, there is a possibility that she really has an on-off relationship with Jiyong. Maybe because it drew too much attention, soon Dara changed her account setting into private! Few days before that interview, Dara just cut her hair short. Then, people deduced that he came just to bring the food for Dara. He called Dara with Noona several times, tatiyana odessa dating but it always makes him bumbling by scratching his nose or ruffling his hair.

Jiyong and dara seen dating who is ann heche dating