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Whenever Rhonda gets very upset, he buys her things to cheer her up. He and his parents made a cameo in The Jungle Movie. Miriam also becomes more attentive towards Helga until she becomes a workaholic and realizes that she is ignoring Helga. While juggling to do all those things, Jamie O accidentally burns one of Sharice's cashmere socks and breaks down crying.

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Arnold went on a date with her on Valentine's Day but realized that she was not very nice after he caught her red-handed with the waiter at the restaurant and left with him. She leaves teaching to pursue a career in golf. He has a crush on Phoebe, who shares the same feelings for him. Helga's older sister Olga develops a crush on him before it's revealed that he works for Lasombra. However, his most catalytic relationship is with his classmate and frenemy Helga Pataki.

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But was interrupted by Helga who slingshot Ruth into a trap door on stage in the middle of the kissing scene. The Jungle Movie is the title character of the series. She is an academically -gifted student and a talented writer of poetry for her age.

Most episodes she's seen talking on her cellphone. Helga relates very poorly to her.

She and Jack often compete with one another. His voice resembles that of comedian Yakov Smirnoff and he occasionally utters Smirnoff's catchphrases. Arnold does not believe his story at first, but it's later proven when Phil shows him a small monument of him hidden in some bushes in a park in Washington D. He never appeared again afterwards. However, she only prefers Arnold as a friend.

Gerald tells Arnold not to say anything about it to him because they're worried if he told them that he'd stop being nice and would not drive them to an upcoming hockey game. Together with Arnold and Gerald, they manage to find the Green Eyes. It's also implied at the end of the movie that he and Helga become a couple, vacuum dewatered flooring contractors in bangalore dating as Arnold holds hands with Helga although Helga continues to be hostile to Arnold in public. He is tutored by Arnold in one episode.

He appears to be a kind and caring father. Stinky has a Southern accent and a love for lemon pudding. His wife is never seen or mentioned probably because she and Mr. Later in the episode it is revealed that Dino wears a toupee on his head and had multiple marriages.

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Arnold is completely unaware of this fact for most of the series, other than the occasional hint from Helga and other classmates. She was a minor character to begin with, and has brief appearances throughout the series. The character, introduced, during the second season, was created as a way for Caudell to stay on the show, as he was going through puberty and he could no longer voice Arnold as a result. She's Helga's best friend and confidante, though Helga tends to boss her around.

There are suspicions of him sharing his room with a chicken, this from chicken noises as Gerald listens from outside his door, never revealed, but covered up by him. Despite having a heavy Vietnamese accent when speaking, it is revealed that he's very talented at singing country music with the singing voice provided by country singer Randy Travis. He is always shown wearing a green baseball cap backwards, a black leather jacket, jeans and a pair of white Beatle boots. In The Jungle Movie he became Arnold's fifth grade teacher and he chaperoned his students on the class trip to San Lorenzo. He never listens to Helga.