Verb not taking a direct object—for example, «She jokes. Dan è caduto di peso flop sedia.

The fish were flopping in the bucket. I pesci si dimenavano nel secchio. The young man had a long fringe that flopped over his forehead. Il nuovo film di supereroi ha fatto fiasco. Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. The company’s new marketing initiative was a flop. La nuova iniziativa di marketing dell’azienda è stata un flop.

I always wear flip-flops to the beach. Porto sempre i sandali infradito in spiaggia. Porto sempre le infradito in spiaggia. His new position on troop withdrawal is a big fat flip-flop. In merito alla questione del ritiro delle truppe, il suo è stato un vero e proprio dietrofront. The candidate flip-flopped on questions of healthcare and the environment.

Il candidato fece dietrofront su due questioni fondamentali: l’assistenza sanitaria e la tutela ambientale. After they fought, they made up. He flopped down on the couch to watch the television. Si è spaparanzato sul divano per guardare un po’ di TV. Vedi la traduzione automatica di Google Translate di ‘flop’. Rechercher les pages comportant ce texte. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 28 mars 2016 à 18:32.

Flopping effectively is not easy to do, primarily because drawing contact can sometimes result in the opposite effect—a foul called on the defensive player—when too much contact is drawn or if the player has not positioned himself perfectly. Such flops are charged as blocking fouls or no-calls. 13 season, the league began fining guilty players. In the NBA, the penalty for «flopping» is a technical foul if caught in-game, and a fine if caught after the game in video reviews. In FIBA play, the penalty is a technical foul that counts as one of two towards ejection. 13 National Federation of State High School Associations basketball rule 10.

5,000 for each successive flop during the season. 30,000 for a fifth offense, when a suspension would also be considered. Frank Ramsey, who played on seven championship teams for the Boston Celtics from 1954 to 1965, wrote a cover story in Sports Illustrated in 1963 with writer Frank Deford, where he detailed his flopping technique. On May 28, 2008, the NBA announced that it would impose fines on players who show a clear case of flopping and suspensions for repeat offenders. However, the league did not impose any fines, but continued to monitor the situation. NBA player Rasheed Wallace has been critical of flopping in the league. All that bull-ass calls they had out there.

The cats are flopping all over the floor and they’re calling that . They’ve got to know that he’s a damn flopper. He acts like I shot him. I’m glad I don’t have too much of it left.