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Shoe dating and maker question The Florsheim Shoe Salon

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  1. The is a black apron toe blucher.
  2. Allen Edmonds encodes the last into the model number, did Florsheim?
  3. The text is in black and pretty clear.
  4. While they'll pair great with a suit and tie, these oxfords were made for jeans and a blazer.
  5. For the office, basic, unadorned black oxfords will do the trick.
  6. My contact info is listed above or on the contact page.

The heels and sole have been replaced so no clues there. The Kent as I recall, was a plain toe without the top stitching, and a very nice basic business shoe in the same line. If you send me some photos at david at vcleat dot com, i will take a look at them. Any idea what year is this?

If so, that helps with dating them. Any tricks to dating Florsheim shoe's in general would be greatly appreciated. The insole has a round logo too worn to make much out other than Florsheim Shoe? This pair from Florsheim is a great example of the quintessential oxford. Hi, I have a pair of Florsheim Royal Imperials boots.

Any feedback would be much appreciated. This said, I will follow the Vass example and stick with the definition I have laid out above. They are all great, but I put vintage Florsheim at the top. Check the inside of the shoe again. So by the time I was ready to try Florsheim they sold out and were manufactured in China.

Florsheim Royal Imperial
  • That model was made in the early s.
  • Hello David, Any idea on how Florsheim did the wood grain pattern on their soles?
  • They also have the Triple Soled Wingtip Derby.

Canadian Florsheim shoes have a maple leaf on the insole. They are in Very nice condition. That pair was likely made in the late s or early s.

Florsheim Shoes for Men

That model was made in the early to mids. When we think about Gunboat Shoes, this is the maker and model we all immediately bring to mind. There is literally no info anywhere that I could find.

The suicide heel has been replaced. Do you possibly have any insight on any of that? The footbed logo is the older style although very worn and unclear.

Zappos 20th Anniversary

Could you help with any information? This is a very watertight stitch. The uppers are then turned outward and stitched thru the topsole.

Can you tell me anything about this unique find? Maybe they were custom made. The only stamped information is the size and model number. Heavy as tanks, dating site for aspergers but in a good way.

Will send pics when I can. If there is any info you can provide, how to get good pictures I would appreciate your help so much! The information in this post covers the s to the s.

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Want to buy or sell something? The laces need to be replaced, but I could easily wear them now. If you buy or sell vintage Florsheim shoes, you should find this information useful.

The 5 Types Of Dress Shoes Sure To Snag You The Corner Office

Ridiculously amazing craftsmanship compared to high-end shoes I see today. There's literally something for every taste provided you like big, heavy shoes in the first place. The citizens themselves were often left with shoes that were much too large for them. Where can I find out about these? And that information is hard to come by.

Help date these Florsheim shoes

You can send me a photo at david at vcleat dot com. It even tells the Florsheim date codes, but the code only shows the month and last date number of the year manufactured, as they didn't want customers in the store to know the decade. Great source of information. This numbering schema was fairly consistent until the early s.

Florsheim Mens

Do you have any idea at what point in time Florsheim dropped the Royal Imperial line from their offerings? They look very much like one of the basic styles they made then. If there is a last number inside, you might be able to request some information directly from Florsheim, fishing dating network or whatever corporate entity it has morphed into today.

Looking for info on Shell Cordovan models? Have hand peg shank, calf skin lining. Any info you would have would be great.

Vintage shoes for men

Often plastic is added to coat the leather and hide imperfections and the stitching is often erratic. Many loafers have tassels, although these are often dispensed with nowadays. Could you tell me based on the numbers inside? Names and Custom Model Numbers Very occasionally you might see names and non-standard model number numbers in Florsheim shoes. To find out more, please read our complete terms of use.

Probably based on the construction of that model. Send me an email with photos and I will try to help. Oxfords are good all-around dress shoes that are appropriate for numerous occasions.

These are single sole, partially lined spectators with white scotch grain combined with smooth, dark brown leather. Great informative site you have! First, panama dating tips the sole is finished with an angle-cut close channel which protects the stitching from direct contact with the ground.

Help date these Florsheim shoes

Yeah these shoes are amazing! While I have seen a few early-model Florsheim Longwing Gunboats that still used Full-Grain leather, the later ones used Corrected-Grain leather less expensive and flawed leather. The playful colorway and stitch makes these oxfords much more fun to sport than their traditional counterpart.

Hi, Thank you for your time. Feel free to email me at traci. Its a saddle shoe that was made in the s. Any idea of the model or where I could get info about them?

Any idea when these shoes may have been made? The soles have only very light wear. If you have a few photos, I can give you my opinion. They didn't want to let them know it was new old stock. Are they rare or just not very desirable?

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