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Third why should Angelina step out and clear this thing. She was the third person who broke up Kevin and Niki's relationship, and she created so much misery to Niki. And telling she is a sucky person in real life how can you know that, do you know her personal? The article even has Angelina Lo as the middle person who witnessed the whole situation. And what's that last photo?

It shows he just wants to be friendly. And also I'll be offline until Saturday. Then may I ask you when Miriam cried so hard and got emotional when Andy Hui took the best singer award?

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Who is Charmaine Sheh dating? Charmaine Sheh boyfriend, husband

Recently, Charmaine taking a vacation had caused rumours to circulate that she developed an underground relationship because of a matching watch. Therefore, tobe the chosen one of Ah Sheh is not easy at all. Lam Fung made a joke that pursueing Ah Sheh was really difficult. Reportedly, Raymond constantly exhibited flirtatious behavior towards Charmaine and tried to make her laugh.

Because they are an estranged couple that don't talk anymore. On one side, she had Benny Chan. She both have a lot of male and female friends. When Charm adn Ron had rumors Ron was still single so how in the world was Charmaine into someones relationship? He often lingered around Charmaine to tease her playfully.

The series will be airing around the end of September. On the other side, she had Ron Ng. Charmaine responded that she did not know of the reports so she refused to respond. First of all who said that Charm like to get into other people relationship. As you said why in earth would Charm be angry at Niki if it was true.

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First of all Niki and Kevin have never admit that they where together. Lucky Niki didn't want to cause trouble and just ignored her otherwise a fight would've broke out. She doesn't even add him on Weibo.

Recently, there were not many series of her airing and Charmaine expressed that she is on holiday now. They just write some names there so it would sound more trust worthy Jealously.

Anyway, I think the reporters shouldn't bother Charmaine nor Raymond regarding this issue. Raymond plays an undercover cop. The scene featured much action with Raymond and Charmaine frantically running away from their attackers and dodging an explosion. Working closely with each other again on The Apostle, seemed even closer to Charmaine despite his dating status. She's minding her own business all along all these years yet Char still doesn't want to give her a piece of mind.

Niki was in the audience and she got so emotional she cried. Also about this whole thing they see each other on the makeup room is also not right. They for example love to involve Charmaine's name nearly every single rumors or gossip article since they know that Charmaine's name are selling.

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She's been avoiding him since. Think about it yourself how would you do to clear it?

After Charmaine finished filming her new series, she took a two-months leave. Raymond Lam Apart from Ron, Charmaine also flirted with Raymond at nighclubs, her advances were rejected by Raymond, but this did not stop Charmaine from sending provocative text messages to Raymond. If this story wasn't true, I'm sure Angelina Lo would of stepped out and said this never happened to prove Charmaine's innocence and clear her name. But Benny was not willing to let Charmaine go, chinese dating iranian women and even moved into the same apartment building as Charmaine.

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You'd make her life miserable. So Char stop being jealous. Wonder if he knew his happiness, audience have considered him as a spoiled brat. But poor Niki always being dragged into this whenever Kevin's name is mentioned.

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